Our story began on a warm summer night on bar patio in Kansas City. He lived south of the river and I came down from up north to hang out with my girlfriends. By a mere stroke of luck, we found each other and started talking about anything and everything; so much so that time had gotten away from us and it was eventually closing time. A few days later, we decided to pick up where we left off at a beautiful park on the Plaza.

Seven years later, we’re still talking about anything and everything. While Charles spent a year in Wichita on active duty, he would come to Kansas City nearly every weekend so we could spend time together doing our favorite things. We enjoyed cooking together, watching sports, going out on the town, and taking the best naps ever. When he got news that he was deploying to El Paso, it was a no brainer that we would be going together. While it was hard being away from friends and family, we made the best of it by taking mountain drives, decorating the house for the holidays, vacationing and spending time in our backyard with our dog Roxy.

As much as we enjoyed our time in the Southwest, we knew we wanted to be with friends and family and that it was a good time to settle down and start planting roots. We enjoy what Kansas City and our community has to offer. Together, we enjoy going to concerts, sporting events, the zoo, and walking through downtown Belton. When we’re not out on the town, we still enjoy prepping for the holidays, cooking together, taking naps, and planning our future together.